The Pisidia Heritage Trail

The Pisidia Heritage Trail is a set of routes that cut across the Taurus Mountains north of Antalya and Burdur, a wooded region with striking natural landscapes and still relatively untouched by modern life. Pisidia has a very long history stretching back as far as the Palaeolithic (ca 300.000 years ago), and it is most known for its Classical cities (ca 500 BC-600 AD) built on mountaintops, which are some of the most impressive archaeological sites in Turkey.

The 350km-long trail connects many of these archaeological ruins through a network of ancient roads, paths and dirtroads immersed in the nature and passing by magnificent sights of canyons, waterfalls, mountain peaks and old forests. 

A team of archaeologists, historians, tourist guides and botanists worked together for over four years to create the best possible experience while walking these routes. Their efforts resulted in:

> A comprehensive guidebook describing the archaeological and natural landscapes of Pisidia, and their modern inhabitants:
> A downloadable booklet containing detailed topographic maps and the exhaustive description of individual routes, with all the necessary maps and information to follow the trail on the ground
> A downloadable GPS dataset marking the trail, with all available water sources, camping spots, archaeological sites, and natural viewpoints alongside it
> Way markers placed at regular intervals across the whole Pisidia Heritage Trail for better orienteering
> A Lithodomos© app that allows an immersive experience into accurate 3D reconstructions of the ancient cities, available and free on OIS and Android 

The Pisidia Heritage Trail
The Pisidian shield used as a waymark along the Pisidia Heritage Trail
The Pisidia Heritage Trail
Termessos necropolis
The Pisidia Heritage Trail
Walking along the trail
The Pisidia Heritage Trail
Erikli - Azmana pass along the trail