Pisidia Heritage Trail Guidebook


Building on the results of decades of archaeological research in the ancient region of Pisidia by the British Institute at Ankara, this book was created thanks to the contributions of distinguished experts. It contains information about the hiking routes, endemic plants, 3D reconstructions of monuments as well as ethnographical anecdotes. It comes with a pair of mini-VR glasses and is accompanied by the Pisidia Heritage Trail app, free for download on iOS and Android.

This guidebook aims to create a sense of ‘being there’ in ancient Pisidia almost 2000 years ago. Obviously, it is not possible to know with precision what the inhabitants of the region saw, heard or smelled in antiquity. However, the combination of 3D reconstructions of the visible remains, a text written in an interpretive style and enriched by findings from botanical and ethnographic studies, and a waymarked trail offering the possibility of exploring the region on foot have a common goal: to establish a timeless relationship between the people of that day and the readers of this book today.

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